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Prepared using the freshest ingredients

Curry Special + Free 16oz Cayenne Pickle Pepper


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2 Butter Paratha Roti

Out of stock

Curry Channa & Aloo

In stock

Coconut Pumpkin Choka

In stock

Roasted Tomato Butter Choka

In stock

Curried Mango - 725g

In stock

Stewed Chicken

Out of stock

Curry Lamb

In stock

Insufficient stock


Get the items below plus a free 16oz Cayenne Pickle Pepper Sauce.

2 Butter Paratha Roti
1 Curry Channa & Aloo
1 Coconut Pumpkin Choka
1 Roasted Tomato Butter Choka
1 Curried Mango
1 Curry Stew Chicken
1 Curry Lamb

Additional information

2 Butter Paratha Roti


Keep frozen. DO NOT PLACE ROTI IN REFRIGERATOR! THIS WILL STALE YOUR ROTI!! To reheat your roti break off a desired portion and place in the microwave, covered with a damp towel or paper towel for 2.5 minutes.